We are an established FULLY INSURED Travel Agency / Excursion company based in Sharm, we are proud of our excellent reputation of offering our customers a safe, professional and enjoyable experience all at a cost which is guaranteed to be Value for Money.

The company is run from both the UK & Egypt which enables us to offer our valued clients a local contact both prior to travelling & once on resort. Additionally, the added bonus of knowing that we understand what the English Tourist expects when on holiday and how Health & Safety plays an important role when travelling abroad.


Question 1

Is Egypt a safe country?

You should certainly understand that there will likely be protests and perhaps violence going on somewhere in the country, but it is very unlikely to affect your trip. Not to add another concern, it is worth noting that traffic accidents injure far more people than the political violence, but they don't get any media attention....!

In terms of crime, there is no place safer in the world than Egypt. In Egypt, there is no need to avoid talking to foreigners. Egyptians will help you as much as they can. But like any other country, you have to take necessary precautions against petty thieves.

Question 2

Is Egypt safe for children?

There is no danger on children in Egypt. What should make you worry though is the high temperature and whether your children can stand it or not. Touring in Egypt can be quite tiring, as there are many sites to see in a short time. Make sure your children can stand it. Also, mosquitoes are very annoying, use a good mosquito repellent.

Question 3

Do I need a Visa?

UK Passport holders do not require a Visa to enter Egypt. however, the below listed excursions require  a Tourist visa which can be purchased upon arrival at SSH airport at a cost of $15.00

- Ras Mohammed / Blu Hole / Moses Mountain / St Catherine's Monastery /Cairo / Petra / Jerusalem / Luxor

Question 4

Am I best to exchange my currency in the UK or in Egypt?

More often than not, you are best to wait until you arrive in Egypt to exchange your currency as the  exchange rate is much higher. You   can exchange your currency over at most Hotels or one of the   many currency exchange machines around the town centres.

Question 5

Are medications available in Egypt?

Yes, Pharmacy's are everywhere in Egypt and they offer many types of medications that can be bought without prescription. They are also cheap. You might consider taking a small first-aid kit, and any personal medications should be packed, as that would save you time trying to find equivalent Egyptian drugs.

Question 6

What is appropriate to wear when in Egypt? As a female, do I have to cover my hair when walking in the streets?

When travelling in Egypt, it isn't necessary to cover your hair except when entering into religious      buildings out of respect.

Question 7

Is it safe to drink tap water in Egypt?

No, Ensure you only drink bottled water.

Question 8

What is the legal drinking age in Egypt?

The legal drinking age in Egypt is 21 years old.


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